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zen bamboo

: 12 sty 2011 15:53
autor: bulion77
The bamboo is the most popular plant in China. Every village in Southern China is surrounded by bamboo groves. To be Chinese is to feel at home with bamboo. The drooping bamboo leaves cross one another, as if they are composing the Chinese character "An" (tranquility). For the wandering traveler writing letters back home, to include a bamboo leaf is to say, "I am fine, I hope that everyone in the family is enjoying peace."
Bamboo personifies the life of simplicity. It produces neither flowers nor fruit. Chen Pan Chiao compared himself to bamboo, saying, "I will not grow flowers, so that I avoid tempting the butterflies and bees to disturb me." The hollow trunk reminds the Chinese of humility. One artist said, "Bamboo, who understands humility by emptying his heart, (without stuffing it with arrogance) is my teacher."
Bamboo Symbolism: Respect for Elders
The young branches at the top of the bamboo trunk will not grow at the same angle as the older branches below, in order to allow sunlight for their elders. When the young shoots emerge from the roots, they are under the shade of the older bamboo branches. Such a spirit reflects the young respecting the old as well as the old protecting the young.

Re: zen bamboo

: 30 maja 2011 10:29
autor: HSTbamboo
yes, i agree with what you said, bamboo means a lot to our Chinese people.