How do I grow bamboo in my balcony garden?

Common issues related with growing bamboo in Central-Eastern Europe...

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How do I grow bamboo in my balcony garden?

Post autor: Sobal » 11 sie 2005 15:15

How do I grow bamboo in my balcony garden?

Balconies are harsh environments. Rapid freeze/thaw cycles in colder (zones 4-7) result in root injury. In the warmer climates drying winds and the need for frequent waterings present a challenge.

Best results will be achieved in a large container which not only provides space for the plant but moderates temperature fluctuations. The soil depth and the minimum width should be at least 24".
Taller bamboos and bamboos subjected to drying winds will do best with the same depth and double the width. Adequate drainage is essential. We recommend that the walls of the container be lined with Styrofoam insulation in both warm and cold climates. Two inch thick rigid Styrofoam is widely available and can be used for this purpose.

A draining, water retentive soil-less mix such as Metro-Mix 510 should be used in the planter. You will be amply repaid if you pay attention to watering your bamboo - particularly during hot weather.

In cold areas the bamboo leaves should be sprayed with an anti-dessicant such as Wilt Pruf monthly from December to February. This will help prevent desiccation and subsequent browning of the leaves.


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