Bamboo Growth

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Bamboo Growth

Post autor: Sobal » 11 sie 2005 15:16

Bamboo Growth

Bamboos are capable of phenomenal growth. On hot days, they say, you can “hear the corn grow”in the Midwest. Just so, I’ve been told of warm spring days in China when the Moso sprout, leaf, and reach toward the heavens with such vigor, it is audible to my customer’s ears. While withholding judgment on both claims, I will say I have seen bamboo grow to twenty feet in a northern Massachusetts' month.

The bamboo stores food in its rhizomes (horizontal underground stems) and culms (canes). Your newly-planted bamboo will take a few years to become well-established and build these stores. Expect a few new culms the spring after the bamboos are planted, and probably double that number the following spring. After about three years, you will see the growth for which bamboos are known. In about three years a Phyllostachys will fill an area of 5' by 5'. But don't expect mature height at that time.


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