Growing Bamboo in the Landscape

Common issues related with growing bamboo in Central-Eastern Europe...

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Growing Bamboo in the Landscape

Post autor: Sobal » 11 sie 2005 15:17

Growing Bamboo in the Landscape

To plant bamboo outdoors, dig a hole as deep as the container and twice as wide. Add a mix of half compost and half soil to the hole, leaving space for the plant. Don’t add fertilizer or manure. Place the plant in the hole roughly matching the soil level with the level of the material around the plant. New shoots are delicate—be careful. Water thoroughly.For the first year, bamboo should not be permitted to dry out. If the leaves roll up, forming tubes, it is much too dry. Fertilize in March, June and September with high nitrogen fertilizer. Turf fertilizer, or the organic equivalent, works well.


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