Growing Bamboo in Containers

Common issues related with growing bamboo in Central-Eastern Europe...

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Growing Bamboo in Containers

Post autor: Sobal » 11 sie 2005 15:19

Growing Bamboo in Containers

Choose a mix with good drainage and a pot that is at least as wide as it is tall.If you are growing the bamboos interior plant,Most bamboos will do well in shallow containers, eighteen to twenty-four inches deep.

If you are planting bamboo on a roof or high-rise patio, be aware of the challenges such a site presents. Wind and temperature extremes must be addressed if you expect survival and vigorous growth. Plan on a planter at least two feet wide, wider in windy locations, particularly for taller bamboos. The planter should be lined with solid (styrofoam) insulation. Two inch thickness is about right and will minimize rapid freeze-thaw cycles in the winter and excessive heating in the summer.

While the bamboo is actively growing, feed monthly with a full-strength high nitrogen fertilizer. We use a 17-6-12 slow-release fertilizer, but a soluble fertilizer such as Miracle Grow or Rapid-Grow is fine. In the winter, or when growth has slowed, cut back on feeding to half strength. for a fuller discussion see FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, below.


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