Bamboo Control

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Bamboo Control

Post autor: Sobal » 11 sie 2005 15:20

Bamboo Control

Bamboo control is not difficult. Control is not needed for clumping bamboos. Running bamboos can be controlled in several ways.

Placement near water: Running bamboos will not grow into a pond or stream.

Mowing: A broad (fifteen to twenty feet) mowing strip around a planting, especially in the spring, when the new growth is tender.You will have to mow each year, but the method works.

Barriers: A barrier thirty inches deep (deeper in warmer climates) of a material that will not decompose prevents spread.
An effective variant of this method is to dig a foot-deep ditch around the planting, fill it with mulch, and run a stick through it in the spring and fall to find and remove any rhizomes that might have grown through. This method has become popular with several commercial growers.


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