Proceedings 4th International Bamboo Workshop 1991

Literatura dotycząca bambusów i linki do ciekawych stron

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Proceedings 4th International Bamboo Workshop 1991

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Proceedings 4th International Bamboo Workshop on


held at Chiangmai, Thailand, November 2730, 1991

Session 1: Bamboo Resources

Bamboo resources in Thailand: how much do we know?

Soejatmi Dransfield

Endemic bamboo from Sumatra

Elizabeth A. Widjaja

Exploring bamboo germplasm in Sumatra

Elizabeth A. Widjaja

Five genera of Bambusoideae (Gramineae) recently found in Yunnan, China

Chi Ju Hsueh (Xue Ji Ru) and De Zhu Li

Ochlandra (bamboo reed) a vanishing asset of forests in Kerala, South India

S. Chandra Basha

Studies on bamboo species growing in IndoNepal Terai region and the Bihar state of India

Jainendra Kumar and Ashok Kumar Sinha

Notes on taxonomy, distribuiion and conservation of bamboo for Banbladesh

Alam, M.K.

The bamboo resource in Sri Lanka

Swarnamali, P.A. and Vivekanandan, K.

Ochlandra stridula Moon ex Thw. a profile

Neela de Zoysa

The need for conservation of Arundinaria alpina K. Schum. in Kenya and its ecological significance

Sigu Gordon Onduru

Remote sensing application in bamboo evaluation: a case study in Kerala

Menon, A.R.R.

GIS on bamboo distribution in Kerala

P. Vijayakumaran Nair

Availability, distribution of bamboo and its industrial status in Peninsular Malaysia

Abd. Latif Mohmod and Abd. Razak Othman

Session 2: Growth, Physiology and Genetics

The flowering of bamboo: fallacies and facts

Sharma, M.L

Nutrient cycling in bamboo stands: nutrient input and its loss through run off in watersheds in pure Phyllostachys pubescens Stands.

Fu Maoyi; Cao Qungen; Fang Mingyu and Xie Jingzhong

Introduction and early performance of some Asian bamboo species in Kenya

Kigomo, B.N.

Comparative performance of bamboo with the horticultural crops in Konkan

Wagh, R and Rajput, J.C.

Session 3: Management of Natural Stands

The sustainability of bamboo supply in Peninsular Malaysia

lsmarish Hj. Ahmed and Nor’zini Haron

Growth of bamboo on degraded soil: a preliminary report

Abd. Rasak Othman

Culm yield and biomass productivity of Laak (Sphaerobambos philippinensis)

Virtucio, F.D.; Manipula, B.M. and Schlegel, F.M.

Culm production of Bambusa arundinacea in natural forests of Kamatka, India

Lakshmana, AC.

Thinning: a tool for higher productivity in Dendrocalamus strictus

Laksmana, AC.

Effect of thinning, cutting age and felling cycle on culm yield of Buho (Schizostachyum lumampao) natural stands

Virtucio F.D. and Tomboc, C.C.

Session 4: Plantation Technology

Studies on seed germination, seedling growth and nursery management of Melocanna baccifera (Roxb.) Kurz.

Banik, R.L

Germination and fertilization of Cigantochloa ligulata seedlings

Azmy Hj. Mohamed

Mass production of field planting stock of Dendrocalamus hamiltonii vegetatively through macroproliferation

Adarsh Kumar; Mohinder Pal and Shiv Kumar

Studies on the selection and breeding of shoot producing bamboo

Zhang Guang Chu and Chen Fu Qiu

Bamboo farming: an economic alternative on marginal lands

Patil, V.C.; Patil, S.V. and Hanumashetti, S.I.

Bamboo has an important role in agroforestry management models

Fu Maoyi; Fu Jinhe and Fang Mingu

Native bamboo: situation, local management and agroforestry/community forestry perspectives at the SubLanka forest village

Permsak Makarabhirom

Management of bamboo shoot stands in Linan County, China

Wan Anguo

Session 5: Propagation

Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from Mexican weeping bamboo, Otatea acuminata aztecorum

Woods, H.S.; Wood, J.E.; Phillips, C.C. and Collins, C.D.

Towards regeneration and mass propagation of bamboo through tissue culture

Saxena, S. and Bhoswani, Sant. S.

Micropropagation of Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Munro using single node cuttings taken from elite seedling plants

Sood, A.; Palni, LM.S.; Sharma, M. and Sharma, O.P.

Integrated propagation of Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Munro by using partially juvenile culms

Sharma, O.P.

Tissue culture alternatives in bamboo improvement

Li Chun Huang and Bau Lian Huang

Session 6: Properties and Utilization

Effect of age on the physiomechanical properties of some Philippine bamboo

Espiloy, Z.B.

Effect of age and hei (Bambusa balooda) %a ht position on Muli (Melocanna baccifera) and Borak mboo on their physical and mechanical properties

Sattar, M.A; Kabir, M.F. and Bhattacharjee, D.K.

Physical and strength properties of Dendrocalamus strictus grown in Kerala, lndia

Gnanaharan, R

Anatomical characteristics of Taiwan giant bamboo and Moso bamboo

Shuen Chao Wu and Jung Sheng Hsieh

The ultra (micro) structure of Taiwan giant bamboo and Moso bamboo

Jung Sheng Hsieh and Shuen Chao Wu

Structure and functions of the nodes in bamboo

Liese, W. and Ding, Y.

Fiber and chemical properties of Bambusa vulgaris Schrad.

Jamaludin Kasim and Ashari Abd. Jalil

Structural variability of vascular bundles of some exotic bamboo species

Yi Chung Wang; Jung Sheng Hsieh and Shuen Chao Wu

Carbohydrates in commercial Malaysian bamboo

Abd. Latif Mohmod; Khoo, K.C. and Nor Azah Mohd. Ali

Variation in physical properties of two Malaysian bamboo

Abd. Latif Mohmod; Wan Termeze Arfin and Hamdan Husain

A hand operated bamboo slicing tool

Grewal, S.; Mohd. Rashid Samad and Abd. Latif Mohmod

Field evaluation of preservative treated bamboo

Gnanaharan, R.

The production of active carbon from bamboo and its application in keeping

Kenji Hoskawa and Takahisa Minamide

Bamboo in Indian pulp industry

Adkoli, N.S.

Urea particle board from Bambusa vulgaris Schrad.

Chew Lian Teck; Nurulhuda Mohd. Nasir and Jamaludin Kasim

Utilization of bamboo in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal

Poudal, P.P.

Development and utilization of bamboo resources in Yunnan Province, China

Yang Yuming and Wang Jian Hao

Prospects for bamboo based products as replacement for wood in Yunnan

Yang Yuming and Zhang Hong Jian

A glimpse of bamboo resource utilization in Yunnan Province, China

Xue Jiru; Yin Zhongwen and Yang Yuming

Session 7: Bamboo as an Engineering Material

The future of bamboo

Janssen, J J.A.

An improved clay based building material: conclay

Gulson, G.A.

Provisional specifications for clay house construction

Foch, C.R; Conceicao, J.E’.T.; Consalves, A.J.C.

Connection of bamboo elements Arce, O.An improved and economical process for manufacture of bamboo mat board

Zoolagud, S.S. and Rangaraju, T.S.

Application of bamboo mat composites in construction and packaging

Damodaran, K. and Jagadeesh, H.N.

Philippine bamboo furniture industry prospects and problems

Rojo, J.P.; Foronda, S.U. and Aggangan, R.T.

Mature bamboo in mass housing

Mishra, H.N. and Sanyal, S.N.

Preservation of bamboo mat boards: glue line additive, a simple method to preserve mat board

Kamal, S.ZM. and Padmanabhan, S.

Upgraded bamboo as a housing material: the step from science to shelter

Dunham, D.C.

Session 8: Pests, Disease and Detioration

Diseases of bamboo: a world perspective

Boa, E.R

Characterization of bamboo mosaic virus isolation from infected green bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii Munro) in Taiwan

Na Sheng Lin and Yau Heiu Hsu

Insect pests of bamboo shoot in Thailand

Surachai Choldumrongkul

Session 9: Information and Technology Dissemination

Information for bamboo research: to establish a database complex: China bamboo

Zhu, S. and Zhang, X.

Information for bamboo research: activities of the Bamboo Information Center, India

Pillai, K.S. and Ravindan, K.

Bamboo research and development in the Philippines

Tomboc, C.C. and Virtucio, F.D.

Session 10: SocioEconomics and Marketing

Bamboo in Malaysia: past, present and future research

Aminuddin Mohamad and Abd. Latif Mohmod

Participants in the Fourth International Bamboo Workshop


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