kij bambusowy dostaw(tonkin bamboo stick supply)/HSTbamboo


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kij bambusowy dostaw(tonkin bamboo stick supply)/HSTbamboo

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Jeśli potrzebujesz więcej informacji prosimy o kontakt przez:; [/ url] lub dołącz d ...
bamboo sticks, 
You buy our produts that you would definitely make more money! 
bamboo sticks,
<The U.S.A botanist MCGLURE was named as pseudosasa amabilis>  
1.Natural,the shape is beauty, and environmental protection. tough,durable,antisepsis.
2.Used to the outdoor,garden,farm,orchard,trellis,framework,furniture.
3.All size available.
4.All the packing by plastic white woven bags,or accroding customers.
5.Length:20cm-100cm,Diam.3-7mm,or accroding customers.
Tonkin bamboo and its products were traditional exported to the world since 1840 . As the main plant base of this lovely bamboo on the planet, Aozai is with an over 90% export market share today.
We can offer the most competitive prices for 20 or 40 Foot Containers for Tonkin Cane Bamboo products with the very highest quality standards.
Tonkin bambusa dostawca---;
----------We are the professional manufacturer and golden supplier of Tonkin Bamboo poles,cane, sticks, fence and screen for 10 years. All our items are with good quality and competitive prices.

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Re: kij bambusowy dostaw(tonkin bamboo stick supply)/HSTbamb

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A po polsku?


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