determining fetilizer requirement

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determining fetilizer requirement

Post autor: Sobal » 05 lip 2006 16:00

An increase in fertilizers and irrigation could increase the results
by 25% to 200% or even more depends on many factor. The accumulation
of nutrients by a bamboo plantation and their rate of uptake is very
important in determining fetilizer (NPK) requirement.

"In a study conducted by Dr.Shanmughavel P& Dr.Francis K. in India to
investigate the bioproductivity and nutrient cycling processes in
plantation forests of bamboo and acacia found that in bamboo (Bambusa
bambos), the total biomass increased with age (2.2 t/ha/year 1) up to
six years (297.8 t/ha/year 6) and then decreased (15.6 t/ha/year 10).
With acacia, the total biomass increased from 1.8 t/ha/(year 1) to
5.0 t/ha/ (year 3) and 10.9 t/ha/(year 5). . A complete harvest of
bamboo in 6 years removes
2,341 kg/ha of nitrogen,
22 kg/ha of phosphorus,
2,653 kg/ha, of potassium,
1,211 kg/ha of calcium and
1,356 kg/ha of magnesium ."
Are we adding this back to the same soil?

I have been telling many of the bamboo grower to apply the nutrient
which has been removed by the plant for its growth in order to have
sustained bamboo growth. You cannot expect the full potential beyond
a point due to limitation of nutrient availability in the soil. The
nutrients are available in soil for initial growth. Supplementing
with add NPK fertilizer increases the productivity of bamboo
plantation. The quantity of NPK to be applied is to be calculated by
the available nutrient in your field soil.

Dr N. Barathi,
Director, Growmore Biotech, India


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